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Dr. BO’s Heart & Brain probiotics
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Based on over 120 years of research, Dr. BO’s probiotics are the highest quality probiotics backed by the highest standard of scientific research. They have demonstrated strong results in strengthening the immune system and improving health. Dr. BO’s Heart & Brain probiotics restore healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, circulation, memory and concentration, and a healthy emotional state.

  • Supported by the highest standard of expert
  • The highest quality probiotics
  • 100% proven safe to use
Note: If you have any questions regarding shipping of Dr. BO’s Heart & Brain probiotics (or anything else) please get in contact with us.

Bulgarian probiotics: national treasure and world’s heritage:

Bulgarian probiotics restore and maintain the microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract - one of the most important organs for the immune system. They are consumed by 38% of the Japanese every day, and since the first import of Bulgarian lactobacilli in 1972, Japanese life expectancy has increased by 16.3 years. This Bulgarian treasure is the Japanese health and longevity secret and offers a global solution for a worldwide health crisis.

The highest quality probiotics:

While the average CFUs count (Colony Forming Unit; the number of alive and active microorganisms in one serving of a probiotic dietary supplement) found on the market is between 1 and 10 billion CFUs per serving, Dr. Bo’s probiotics contain over 500 billion CFUs! This exceptionally high CFU content interacts with the human microbiome’ trillions of good bacteria, strengthening the immune system, optimizing digestion, controlling intestinal infections, limiting the reproduction of cancer cells and balancing emotions,

Backed by the highest standard of scientific research:

Based on over 120 years of research, Dr. Bo’s Bulgarian probiotics have demonstrated strong results in strengthening the immune system and improving health.

Dist founded corMune® probiotic super-strains-consortia. Prof. Maria Baltadjieva, MD Ph.D., is an internationally acclaimed scientist in clinical nutrition & spaceflight food development. Her nephew, Dr. Bo, continues his aunt’s tradition with his scientific team in Bulgaria.

The probiotics are manufactured by CBC Probiotic Cultures Manufacturing Laboratory in the City of Plovdiv and the Institute of Food Technologies. CorMune® strains and formulation are authenticated by TRU-ID - the world’s 1st certification program founded on cutting-edge DNA biotechnology. CorMune® is registered with the health ministries of Germany and Bulgaria and approved for sale in the European Union. Worldwide export, health certificates, and certificates of free sale are issued. 

Dr. BO’s Heart & Brain probiotics particular benefits:

Health & Wellbeing probiotics are suitable for all human enterocytes. They help restore and maintain:

- Healthy sleeping patterns.

- Healthy weight control.

- Healthy energy levels.

- Healthy nutrients absorption.

- Healthy metabolism.

- Detox & Colon cleansing.

- Antiviral & antibacterial support.

How to use it

In this kit, you will find:

1 tube with tablets to take during 15 days

7 small bottles

Start taking 1 small bottle per day during 7 days. On the bottle, a small device allows you to activate it, mixing the powder content with the liquid content. Make sure you shake the bottle very well before drinking it.

After 7 days, start taking 1 tablet each day.

It is recommended to take probiotics on an empty stomach - 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after.