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DAir Antibacterial Liquid
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DAir is an all-natural antibacterial and antiviral liquid originating from Japan. The secret ingredient? Grapefruit seed extract. Using grapefruit seed extract, the formulation inhibits the activity of viruses up to 99.99% and kills the virus within 15 seconds. It is a food-grade antibacterial liquid harmless to humans and animals. Thus, it can be used as a food additive, as a prevention tool at home or in public spaces, as a children's necessities disinfection, or as a car interior purification, for example.

DA500 Enhanced Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid 500mlDA1 Table Stand Atominizer 260mlDA3 Portable Atomizer 50mlDA5 Air Sterilizing Atomizer 7.5LDA6 Air Sterilizing Atomizer 21LDAir Enhanced Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid in 1000ml
  • Extracted the highest antibacterial among plants
  • Eradicating 99,99% of viruses
  • 100% proven safe to use
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Our commitment

DAir Selects the highest quality grapefruits grown in Japan and the USA and uses Japanese high-tech research and development to get the extract. Then, to refine the seed extract into high-quality antibacterial liquid, it goes through the purification method of the scientific research team of Nagoya University.

The grapefruit seed extract in the formula has been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese government as an all-natural antibacterial liquid that can be used as a food additive. It complies with the Food Sanitation Law of Japan and can be directly used in food as an oral multi-purpose safety additive.

Why grapefruit seed extract?

Grapefruit seed contains the highest antibacterial extract among plants..

Recommend uses include:

• Home Epidemic Prevention – Living/dining room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, cloakroom, storage room, shoe cabinet, and carpet.

• Child Care – Disinfection of daily necessities (hair, dolls/toys, tableware, BB bedding, school bags, and BB carts).

• Car interior purification – purifies the air, and sterilizes and decomposes formaldehyde and odors (food, smoke, and pet odors).

• Sports Hygiene – Disinfection of sports equipment (fitness equipment, public bath towels, yoga mats, and sports clothing).